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Monday, October 06, 2008


My Hollywood, My eight year old, my 3rd grader got in an argument with his buddy T-Rex during recess today. Hollywood said that T-Rex said that he was a big trash can full of "SH*T".

Apparently that offended Wyatt (not sure if it was offensive after he got caught or before) so he retaliated and told T-Rex

"Well you're a big swimming pool full of 'SH*T"

Nice hu?

Could they have kept that to themselves? No of course not. T-Rex told K then told her to keep it a secret.

WHAT? You told a goody two shoes sweetie pie THAT kind of secret then expect her NOT to go to their teacher and tell? Now they are mad at K. LOL! boys.

Deal was they stayed after school with a nice little chat with the teacher. The deal was that they tell their parents what REALLY happened. We would have a little strategy meeting in the morning and if the truth is out no pink slip home. But OHHH that is so just the beginning...

Here at home? No guitar lesson today (he doesn't know that his instructor was sick), he's getting soap in his mouth and he gets to tell his Daddy. I think the latter is where the real punishment lays. Of course the FFP is no angel and where do you think the words that fling themselves out of my son's mouth come from?


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