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Saturday, September 27, 2008


We are quickly approaching October, my favorite month of the year. We usually get our first Official Rain Drops, the trees are all changing, the air is cooler, the nights lovely, the sleep more peaceful, the apples and pumpkins and roasts cooking in the crock pots. October is a lovely month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that? Well if you are reading my blog you probably did. You know that what started as a dedication and tribute to my MIL turned into a passion to educate others about Breast Cancer and how I hope that a cure for BC is the key to finding a cure for other cancers. WhyMommy has had quite a year and a half from being preggo with her second son to a not too rare but rarely spoke of form of BC to surgery to remove her breasts and a struggle with lymphodemia she has had her share of trials. If anything she has given us the opportunity to not only talk of BC but of the lesser known forms that threaten to take our friends from us.

We have learned a lot from Susan (aka WhyMommy) over at Toddler Planet and I am thankful for her peace, her spirit and her heart. I am blessed to have read her words. I am more educated, more apathetic and a far better advocate because of her. She has bad days, weeks, months... actually she had a bad year but she she loves to play with her boys and take walks with her hubby and hang out with her friends. Things that I like to do, things she deserves to do that she NO longer takes for granted. Although, today, it looks like she's cancer free with Inflammatory Breast Cancer there really is no such thing and she will continue to worry and continue to be vigilant about her care and her body to catch the monster if it again rears its angry head. Susan will continue to be in my prayers.

MIL Karen loved her flowers. She deserved them. 5 years is a HUGE milestone and she deserves the recognition.

While you are out and about and you see pink ribbon anything... think of someone who might like the sweet little bear, think if those note pads would remind you to get your Mammy's grammed if they were sitting on your desk, think that the pink cup with the ribbon would make you think of your sister or mom when you sat down to your cup of coffee tomorrow morning and get it, knowing that part of that money will be going to research, to women, to men who have Breast Cancer. Remember to think beyond you and to our future with hopes that no little girl needs to walk in a walk to end Breast Cancer. Pink ribbons should be worn in their hair not on their sweaters.

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LaiLani Ali said...

I'll buy pink ribboned things this month. Thanks for the reminder.