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Thursday, September 18, 2008

5 year Survivor

5 years ago today my MIL was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It rattled the cages of everyone in my husbands family. Cancer is no stranger to me. I've lost many friends and family to it. Many more have been touched, crushed and risen from its depths. Myself, my mom, two of my uncles, My Mother-in-law and many friends are survivors of cancer. My grandfather, My husbands grandpa, my Uncle, and close family friends have all been taken by Cancer. I walk in the AWBC to raise awareness and $ to get us that much closer to a cure. I couldn't do it without your love and support though.

This day, this 5 year mark is a milestone for Karen. Congratulations, you are a 5 year Survivor! I hope you enjoy the flowers.

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Marcy said...

Cancer is horrible :-( Is there anyone out there who hasn't dealt with it in some form or another? :-/

Thanks for stopping by! ;D Although I'm not exactly sure which blog I should be reading?!? IS this one ok? hehe