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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Words or wisdom and some quck whit too.

Grandpa Derril was full of wisdom and whit. All the Grand kids stood up and gave a little clue to the huge part of their lives he has been. Jenny did a synopsis of his life, Chris and Brian were in charge of the poem "The Train" and spoke of how lucky they were go sit next to Gpa Derril for part of his ride. Hannah and Brandy talked about how Gpa Derril was their hero. Garin talked about the funny things Gpa did and said during their times together. he used to tell Gar out on the boat... Good catch, you caught the salad now lets catch some fish if Gar pulled up weeds instead of his intended target out at the grant. Some of the things he used to say were from his competitive upbringing. He had a modified version of what Puggy Paulson (famed poker player) used to say:

"I'll Play and man from any land
Any Game that he can Name
Any amount that he can Count
and say no more of the whole affair."

Apparently after pulling out the Chinese checkers and before any one was to play he would give his little speal. How lucky to grow up in a house full of games and laughter and music.

While releasing our balloons in honor of Grandpa Derril we said two other famous Derril sayings:

"I may not be right, but I am never wrong" and a German saying Rauss Mit der meaning kidding in manner 'get out of here'. I thought that these were appropriate times.

We are so lucky to have Margie's friend make a slide show of Derril's life and she is also going to put it to the music we played at the memorial.

We are so blessed to have him as part of our lives for so long.

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