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Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Count Down

Next weekend I will not be able to attend my Aunt's Super Secret 60th birthday that she knows is happening but doesn't know anything about. Isn't that fun, I mean for someone else, not for me... I don't like surprises. I'm the girl who... yea I know.... reads the last chapter of the book first. Its awful, I admit it. That's just how I am. I DO NOT LIKE SURPRISES. I'm OK with them as long as I don't know they are coming. lol. My Aunt on the other hand. I think she savors them... holds onto the suspense as long as she can, she is the essence of LOVING the surprise. I'm envious of that... OK not really. I still want to know and I want to know now.

I know that while they are celebrating an amazing woman who we have been blessed to have for 60 amazing years I will be thinking of them as I'm laying in my tent in Chrissy Field in SF. I would have had a MUCH harder time getting my funds for my walk had Aunt Sandy not put together with her friends that amazing Bunco fundraiser mothers day weekend. Together with her friends and Vicki's backyard and months of preparation we raised an amazing $2,100+ for the Breast Cancer walk. That's all the funding I needed for one walk and some of my next walk. WHAT WONDERFUL GROUP OF GALS my Aunt and her buddies are.

Vicki opened up her house to us for the second year in a row. She and her husband are so sweet and generous. They have been wonderful to me and to my Aunt when she was facing a very difficult time in her life when my uncle was so sick then passed away almost two years ago. Unfortunately my aunt is having to repay that since Vicki is now fighting her own fight against cancer. She is my thoughts and prayers and this walk is a bit bittersweet for that. Two years ago we were so worried about Uncle James, I hate that we have to do this again. My hope is that finding a cure for Breast Cancer will be the key to unlock the key to other cancers too.

So this Friday Good Neighbor and I will be heading off to SF for a whirlwind weekend of walking, talking, making new friends and new experiences. I can't wait. We will be walking through the beautiful Presidio, across the Golden Gate Bridge again, walking through the sweet little town of Sausalito into Mill Valley and back. We won't have TOO many hills the first day but 26.2 miles is plenty to make up for the lack of HUGE MOUNTAINOUS HILLLS we find on day two. We get to sleep in tents (that we have to put up ourselves) and shower in semi-trucks, this is my FAVORITE part, eat yummy yummy food all day both days and all while raising awareness for helping those with Breast Cancer today and in the future. I feel so blessed to be apart of this and to be able to share it with first my (x) sister-in-law in 2004, My mom and BFF in 2006, my BFF and her sister and friends and Diane Stratton who I walked a bit with in 2007 and this year with Good Neighbor. My hope is that Aunt Sandy, my mom and Chris's Gma Margie can crew in LA with me this September. What a wonderful trip that would be. Although Gma Margie might be sick of me by then. LOL

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Anonymous said...

That's so not fair!! I want WALK too!!!(stomping of the feet--can you hear it?) Next year I hope to be walking with you again. Love your BFF