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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blessings Abound

Have I told you all lately how thankful I am that my sister is so close? She brought her little ones with her too, Princess Nani and TJ. Her hubby GI Bri came home for R&R from Iraq where he's a Ssg in the Army posted in Washington. Since he's deployed Sista is staying with our parents nearby. Yesterday Sista and GI Bri welcomed into the world my newest nephew JJ. JJ came into this world in the same fashion as Princess Nani and TJ via C-section but this little leprechaun is oh so different. My sista and BIL now have a brunette, Nani, a blondy TJ, and a RED HEAD, JJ! No its REALLY red. He is so cute. I think he looks a bit like Princess Nani and like TJ. But I guess really he looks like himself, so far nothing to stands out as one parent or sibling (well his ears do resemble his daddy and his brother). We are just so lucky to be here with them, near them, to help them at this time. My BIL will be leaving to go back to his duty in Iraq on the 21st. Everyone is trying to get as much time in with him as they can. The kids took to him like he had never been gone. So I'm thankful to be blessed with this time with them.

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