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Sunday, February 24, 2008


We had so much fun! The kids were amazed by it all and so much has changed (and stayed the same) since I was there 10 years ago and FFP was there nearly 20 years ago. We drove the whole way Sunday and spent the day in the park on Monday. Of course I came down with Bronchitis and a high fever. I tried to keep up with them but by early afternoon, when I broke down crying in line at Space Mountain, we went back to the hotel to rest and call and beg our friend (the doc) for a Rx for antibiotics and an Albuteral inhaler. Thank goodness for friends in high places. But Monday was full of other surprises too. Blondy was the one who LOVED the fast rides with the big drops. He loved the Matterhorn, he loved Splash Mt., he loved Space Mt. He even wanted to go on the Tower of Terror in California Adventures on Tuesday. Hollywood was more guarded but had a great time on Tuesday when we met up with his buddy Blayne from his class and his family then Rex's family too. We ran all over the parks and had a great time. It was HOT on Tuesday, over 80 degrees. We went on the rapids ride twice. The parks were nearly empty so we never had to use the fast passes. Hollywood became much more brave and rode more rides this day. All the little kids had "no fear" and were willing to try it all. The big brothers were the cautious ones. We not only had fun with their friends but made friends ourselves. It was a great time.

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