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Thursday, February 28, 2008


As we come Spring I open my itchy scratchy eyes and look at all the abundant blessings that surround me. I'll live with the allergies to see all the beautiful flowers in full bloom, the dogwoods with beautiful pink flowers that line the trail while I run, the frogs croaking in the rain induced pong in our non-existent park across the way. I am waiting patiently to finish up our Winter weather and keep this great weather. Most of all this week I am reminded of the best blessings of all. I am hosting my sisters baby shower for baby Jeremy this weekend along with the half marathon I've been waiting so anxiously for. With the blessing of having my sister, nieces and nephews here comes the sadness that my BIL is in Iraq in the Army. The good thing is that he got an R&R pass to come home for the babies birth. So from now til the end of the month will be full of blessings galore.

February 29th, 2008- Blondy's MRI for his headaches

March 1st, 2008- Half marathon goal--- pass the finish line in one piece

March 2nd, 2008-Baby shower for Sandy and baby Jeremy

March 6th, 2008- SSG Brian Myers should be home from Iraq
Hannah turns 16! I can't believe she's no longer the sweet 3 year old

March 14th, 2008- Jeremy joins the world! Princess Nani and Ty become big sister and brother

March 15th, 2008- My MIL's @#'th Birthday (I won't disclose her age =0)

March 18th, 2008- Sista Sandra turns 26 years old

March 19th, 2008- My big 30

March 21st, 2008- SSG Brian Myers goes home =(

March24th, 2008- EASTER

March 29th, 2008 Opening Day Little League for Hollywood. First year of FARM

Some blessings and some blessings in waiting. SSG Bri will not be back to the states until summer. That gives for some serious mixed blessings. I get to keep my sister and her kids closer for a little longer but then they still don't get that precious time with their daddy and and hubby.
Our kids have some new and exciting things coming but some scary things too.

Tomorrow is leap year! I know some people find new and exciting things to do with their lives. I suggest you find a new way to be "green". That's what we're doing but that's another post.

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Seeker said...

I saw your "getting to know you" post on my blog...thanks for stopping by..sorry it took me so long to stop by yours. Loved your answers! I'd love to hear more about your Uncle, too. What was it that made his voice/words so special?

Sound like you have a very full month ahead. Lots of joy coming your way.

Nice to meet you, and come back again sometime!