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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We're off to see the Wizard...

or something EVEN better. 5 minutes for mom! I love this blog. I learn so much about SO MUCH and they give stuff away all the time too. Check out the loot. This is all about organizing and setting doable resolutions or life habits (like organizing and being more Earth friendly and such). But most of all there are other moms who feel like I do, sometimes overwhelmed but always ready to help each other out and the love of Christ is ever present and when I need some affirmation and spiritual camaraderie I go there. But here is the wonderful things I thought you might like to check out. These are some New Year Habits more than resolutions.

The Busy Body Book Family Planner that I SOOOOOO need,
Three Minusbags to cut down on those pesky plastic bag burden and they are cute to boot
and last but not least Growing Friendships a book that would make a great read or book club kickoff or just for people like me who (with the exception of a couple wonderful girlfriends) feel like they are always on the outside looking in.

Oh and I'm starting my list of "Must reads" for the year so if you read something "READ WORTHY" let me know and I'll post it here and if I have time I'll read it too. These last six months I've been on a real non-fiction kick but truthfully I'll read just about anything right down to the back of a cereal box. I have found myself being more critical of books as I grow older though so please send me the good stuff.

So happy Hump Day everyone!

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