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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do you get migraines?

I get them, and they are not fun. I haven't had one as bad as todays in a very long time. Since my unfortunate acident at My Good Neighbors on June 1st. Looking back I had many of the same signs as todays. I had a hard time sleeping the night before. I woke up feeling sick and nauseus, I vomited and felt like there was lead in my feet, lets, hips shoulders arms and a like my head was going to float right off my neck. I was sensitive to light and sound although I didn't have a headache at all. Then in June I passed out and threw up made it to the Urgent Care then the hospital before getting the migraine. Today I had trouble sleeping, tossing and turning, nauseous and achy, got up to let the dog out at 4, threw up... again and again til stomach was emptied and then didn't get a migraine (one of the worst ever) until about 3:30 pm. So at least I know what to look for and to take my migraine meds before it gets bad but I feel really bad about missing my run this morning. I did get on my foam roller and stretch out my back and my thighs and calves today. I can't believe how much better they feel.

I cannot tell you how good the boys were for me today though. a few altercations but Blondy spent the day trying to take care of me bringing me ice packs and making sure the lights were off and the sound on the TV were low enough so I could pay attention to him and still rest. He tried to feed me several times. You know 5 year old food just doesn't sound good to me. He would have me eating Eggo's and corn chips all day if he could. I kept getting up (when I had a reprieve) and making him good food so he wouldn't have a headache too. Wyatt played nicely in his room then in the front yard then with David out running errands. They have been a pain to put to bed though. I better check on that since it is nearly 10pm. I just can't believe how big and independent they are getting. I'm so proud.

The Dr. Saga.
My doctor quit his practice. He's the same doctor I've been seeing since I got married. I really liked him, although he was a hippy and sometimes tried to fix the immediate problem instead of the long term issue. He did always listen to me. That was nice and he wanted to know my opinion and he knew my family. All wonderful things. He just wasn't making ends meet by participating in preventative medicine because insurance just wasn't paying enough so he moved on. I was OK with that.

Now that I'm seeing an endocrinologist for the thyroid and osteopenia issues but need a primary care physician to report to. No one is available to accept new patients and so many have dropped Blue Cross from their accepting insurances. I mean its Blue Cross for goodness sakes. I have a few docs I need to check out on Monday. One is a D.O. whatever that means. FFP really likes him. I hear he's more of a holistic kinda doc and can do muscular manipulation (like a chiropractor I suppose). Through the grapevine I hear he's pretty good looking too. We will see. I hope he takes my insurance and takes patients too. That would be nice. So just one more thing to worry about I guess.

I'm going to try to go running tomorrow between hubby getting home and Sista and mom picking me and the boys up to go to Redding for Cuzin Mia's 2nd bday. I feel guilty not going. I'm not going to be able to finish this race if I don't get on the band waggon seriously. I've learned a lot already though and hope to be back on track by Monday.

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