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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Put the past behind you...

This morning my FFP listened to John Tesh on his morning radio show. He is full of useful and useless information from why women name their cars and men don't (you know in general), to what to put on your resume to make you marketable. FFP comes home or calls with "Tips from Tesh" all the time. This morning he calls to tell me "Are you living your life the way you want?" from Tesh. I was rubbing my eyes wondering Why my husband was asking me profound and thought provoking questions so early in the morning. Tesh says, "If you are not happy with your life today, Change." Easy answer.
my life. is not. so easy. I had this friend who I thought was wonderful. Smart for her age. I thought she learned from her mistakes and was growing as a person. I thought that she was mature and good for me... until she left my son at soccer to take her kid and my eldest son to the park down the street. I needed her help that day. I thought I could count on her. I was wrong. She was a half an hour late to pick him up. Blondy was 3 at the time. He was sad and scared. I was hurt that she was so immature about the situation. I made a decision that she was not to watch my kids any longer. That was the beginning of the end. She has taken advantage of me too many times to count. She has let me down too many times to count. The straw that broke the camels back was today... way longer than I should have let her take up wasted space in my life.
Today I posted a note from a friend (EM) on the bulletin board on my "MY SPACE" page about The Golden Compass, a movie that will coming out this holiday season. I read the first book in Philip Pullmans trilogy (His Dark Materials Book 1) when it came out about 10 years ago. I agreed with my friend who had posted it. I felt that it was dark and not so much scientifically based as just creation vs evolution. I did feel like it as an attack on those who believe and love God. Actually its is an attack on God Himself. I re-posted it with hopes that people would be aware and see a different side of the story. That person who hurt me above wrote me back a nasty message and I have to take into consideration that She is not my friend.
I love science. I will read just about anything! I read books that support both the spiritual and the scientific sides of life with an open mind. A good book is a good book. I can read a book about the support of Darwin and still have faith in God, in my Christan beliefs. This trilogy is Dark... too dark. Its about getting rid of their God because he is unjust, mean, evil. If you get rid of their God the world would be a better place. That seems not so much an evolutionary stand as it is an "anti-religion" stand in this book. It gave me the creeps. I did not finish the trilogy. It was very well written to a point of manipulation.
So back to my post. I did re-post this in the words from EM's post.

about this, but I just learned about a children’s movie coming out in December
starring Nicole Kidman. It's called The Golden Compass, and while it will be a
watered down version, it is based on a series of children's books about killing
God (It is the anti-Narnia). Please follow this link, and then pass it on. From
what I understand, the hope is to get a lot of children to see the movie - which
won't seem too bad - and then get the parents to buy the books for their kids
for Christmas. The quotes from the author sum it all up.
I should have re-posted that I had read the book and agreed with the Snopes writer. But I didn't. This is the consequence that inevitably came from someone who I haven't even spoken to in months. Someone who wrote me off and hurt me because of selfish and irresponsible reasons.
Date: Nov 8, 2007 8:59 AMI justed watched an interview with the author of this
book and he stated that it is in to way about killing god. It is just a movie
just a book. As every other movie and book it is up to the reader to determine
the meaning, at take what they can from the art. Its not fair to represent an
artiset intentions without talking to him or listening to what he has to say.
Maybe you should go watch the movie or read the book and form your own opinon
instead of attaching your name to someone elses. You just might like the movie.
I am not the stand by so I wrote back in rebuttal. I shouldn't have but I did. I think that Mr. Pullman wants to sell books. I think he will say whatever he needs to say to sell books. This person who I wasted a year of my life on, she removed me from her friends list. I wept. NOT. Good riddance. Go to your so called friends. Talk whatever crap you want to. I am changing. I am going to stop being a freakin' doormat. So here you go. Your rebuttal. Have a very nice life. I did write back.

I did read the first book in the trilogy when it came out and it was very
disheartening. I did not like it... it felt not only dark but the undercurrents
or evil were appalling. I did not feel like it was something I would ever read
to my children or advocate for watching the movie that may or may not be washed
out. I would not continue to read the trilogy. I would not have reposted this if
I hadn't read it first. Thank you for the under minded comment. I appreciate it.

I need to focus on me but not to be undermined I spoke my mind... or wrote my mind. I think people think I'm stupid. What is that about. I educate myself. I may be full of useless information but sometimes it comes in helpful and enriching. I am changing. I am going to remove myself from harmful and toxic friendships when I detect them instead of running with the ball and hoping that they change. No more guarding myself from those I love when I am surrounded by those in my peripheral vision. Why not just surround myself with those who I trust. I'm working on me. A lot lately. Its a very big project. I'll let you know how it goes. John Tess is smarter than I give FFP credit for. LOL

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