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Monday, October 15, 2007


I've been to bed twice but still can't sleep. My legs hurt like if I walk I'll feel better but then I'm up and around and no change when I go to bed. I hope I can get some sleep tonight so I can go to the gym and work out tomorrow. Sometimes that helps get me out of this cycle. We will see. So hello all of you insomniacs. I'm gonna go drink some tea, take a hot shower and maybe that will help. Night night... I see sleep deprived blogs in our futures.

Oh on a positive note I found pix from my first Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and a picture I love of me at Fort Baker. I love days like this. Oh and I made a really cute card for my BIL Jim this weekend. Masculine but clean tidy and I hope he likes it. I need to make Aunt Diana's tomorrow, work in the boys classes and clean the house. I have my hands full. Night Night for real this time.

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