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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When life gives you crumbs

I haven't been feeling well lately. Truthfully its been a long time since I've really felt GOOD. So I went to the Doc to say... fix me. Apparently its not that easy. I was born without a functioning thyroid so I've been on hypothyroid meds my whole life. Thankfully I have good insurance now (thank you FFP and the new city govt. job), so I can go to the doc and demand him to figure out what the heck is going on.

I mean at first I just felt ... you know... blahhhhhh. Not really like myself but still functioning normally.

Then I started getting tired. I mean REALLY REALLY, can't keep my eyes open or pull myself out of bed exhausted. I'm the mother of two active boys who have a bunch of activities; the wife of a man who loves a clean house and I work, you know... sometimes. I would love to sleep all afternoon but I must keep moving so I don't fall asleep standing up. That is exactly how tired I am.

MIGRAINES: hate those darn out of no where migraines. They consume me to the point of no return. Sometimes I feel like somebody snatched my body and left me with a bomb in my hands waiting to go off. They can last an afternoon, a few hours, over night, into DAAAYYYYYSSSS. Not even driven by my cycle just out of no where. sometimes I can tell they are triggered by stress... other times of no apparent reason. from one every other month to two or three a month. WAY TOO MANY if they happen to last a few days.

So migraines, tired and blahhh have led to several other things that Doc believes is my thyroid meds not working properly so he upped the dose. I asked for a bone density scan DEXA and he agreed that based on family history; mom, aunt, grandma, I should probably get a base line.

Results: T score was femur -1.5 = Osteopenia
spine -0.9 =normal but close to osteopenia

I don't understand the z scores so if anyone has insight let me know. I think it has to do with ranking those who are in your age group so you have an idea of whats normal.

Now they are sending me to see and endocrinologist and we will see what she thinks. That appointment isn't even until november.

She will tell me no more soda, less coffee and more calcium. My calcium levels are thru the roof good so I just want her to tell me the answers to "how to strengthen the bones" and "can I do it without drugs?" I would really like to try strength training and eating the right foods. I don't like the idea of all the side effects associated with drugs like Fosamax. I welcome any insight and if you have any ideas, any books I could read, any resources I should check out let me know. I sooooo appreciate it. I hope that all it is is my meds and its easily treatable. I pray that its an easy answer but the truth is it never is.

I upped my thyroid meds (not a lot I can do about those with diet) but still haven't seen the good effects. I know it takes time but I'm impatient and want results now. When is too long without starting to feel really good? I dunno but if it doesn't happen soon I'm going banging on Doc's door demanding better answers and some sort of resultion. This rollercoaster sucks and I feel like all there are are crumbs at the bottom of my potato chip bag (close to knowing the world is about to end I know...).

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