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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today is September 11th

It has been just 6 short years since that fateful day. So much of our world, country and lives have changed since then. Chances are, if the events of 9/11 had not happened my BIL would not be overseas today. (we love and celebrate his dedication to our country). Today we (FFP, Smokin sista, niece and nephew and many co-workers) went to a touching tribute down town where one of our friends recieved an award for his dedication to our country for all the work he's done to keep our country, state, county and city safe. He is a hero to us. The also payed tribute to many of the other hero's from our city and we are proud to have them.

My husband is a FFP and has said on more than one occation that he wished he could have been in NYC to help. One thing is for sure, I am thankful to have a husband who has that kind of heart. He does not think of himself but of others. I have found that most of those men and women who get into the fire or emergency services don't do it to be HERO's, its to make the world a better place.

Today there was a tribute episode of Oprah aired in dedication to those who lost their lives on this day 6 years ago. One of these fire fighters,Stephen Siller, had just gotten off duty and was headed out to go golfing with his brothers when he heard the news of the first tower being hit. He turned around and headed towards down town. When he reached the tunnel all traffic had stopped and he was still 3 miles from the towers. He took his gear and tools and ran towards the fire with the extra 70 lbs, never looking back. He went back with all intent of saving lives. He left behind 5 children, his wife and brothers. All the agony he must have gone through running through that tunnel is unimaginable.

His family wanted to do something to celebrate his life. They put together a commemerative 5K run/Walk from the tunnel to the towers. My FFP and I will run it next year. We asked our friends who are anther FF and his wife, my boss, to go with us too. This is something that we both believe in. The money goes to children help children who have lost their parents. We are so grateful that we want to show our support. This is just one way... I can't wait.

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