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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Using my husbands position in society AGAIN

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Yesterday afternoon I pull up to Hollywood and Blondy's school to pick them up at just after 2pm. I park along a side street near the gate at the back of the school. I pull into a spot and avoid the big yellow fire hydrant by leaving room between me and the truck in front of me. There is also a blue reflective thing-a-magiggy in the center of the street so the fire department knows that there is a fire hydrant there too. A car pulls up next to me and rolls down her passanger side window.

"Excuse me," she says in a not very nice voice.

I roll down my window. "yes?"

"You could pull up you know."

"No, there is a fire hydrant there." I say in that same inocent voice that I talked to the CHP officer in as I point to it.

"Its not like you are going to get a ticket there." she says growing more and more impatient and snotty.

I smile a really big sweet smile. "No but my husband is a fire fighter and I will not park in front of a fire hydrant. You are welcome to park here if you can fit your vehicle there." I smile even bigger. She does not. I know, I'm a BITCH.

I turned off my car. Rolled up my window and headed into school to get my kids. She rolled up her window and proceeded down the block.

We've been at this new school like two weeks and I'm already making enemies. I hope she's not the PTA president. LOL

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