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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Those CHP officers are awfully crafty

So I kinda toned down my photography jobs this year mostly because I just don't have time to devote to it what I should. I love the going out and taking pictures part but the photoshopping and adjusting the color and cropping part is what takes up so much time, that part I'm not as big a fan of. I love seeing the end result, not so much the journey to get there.

Anyhow I did pick up a job for my friend Mayli taking pictures of her great Grandma Jewel's 100th Birthday party outside of Quincy. Quite a bit of a drive for me on a windy highway but I was actually looking forward to it... until I caught up with the truck and trailer... who was going only 45mph. Actually it was ok with me to be going 45mph. Just fast enough that I felt like I was going somewhere but not too fast that I was scared on the windy, cliff ridden, tunnel tortured, bridge infested road. But then the dreaded truck and trailer slowed down to 40mph... then 35mph. They were losing momentum. A half hour into following the dreaded truck and trailer ended up with me following them at 20mph! Even slower around some tight corners. I was going crazy. I would never make it in time at this speed.

Just then I see the sign on the road, "Passing lane 1mile ahead". Thank goodness. Ok I can follow them for a few more minutes if I can pass them right up here. You know those passing lanes that go from one to two lanes are generally flat(er) and not real turns, those ones that people like the driver in the dreaded truck and trailer like to speed up on? Yea, thats exactly what he did. I got over to pass him and he speeds up... to 55mph! That is the speed limit! URRRRR! So I, being sick and tired of following them, hit the accelarator and punched it up to apparently 66mph. Just as I pass him and get back into the right lane as the passing lane merges I see the CHP car and that crafty CHP lights ME up. Just my luck.

I pull over and start looking through my husbands car (that I'm driving because it has awsome gas milage of like 35mpg unlike my Maggie that gets like 16mpg). I turn down the radio and roll down the passanger side window and start locate the registration and insurance card for the car.

He approaches and asks me for these things and my licence. I hand them all to him. He's kinda cute too. Too bad I hate his guts right now too much to flirt or to cry. He asks me, "Do you know how fast you were going?"

I answer very inocently, "Apparently over 55mph officer."

"I clocked you at 66mph ma'am. The speed limit is 55mph."

"Yes sir."

"I'll be right back." He leaves the passanger side window and I see him move towards the patrol car. He stops and looks back at the rear window of the car where my husband has beautifully pasted his IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) sticker. He comes back with my papers.

"Ma'am, I don't want to be presumptious. Are YOU a firefighter?"

"No sir, this is my husbands cummuter car, he's the firefighter." He hands me back my licence, registration and insurance card.

"Keep it at or under 55mph ma'am and have a safe trip." and he walks away.

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So I apparently owe the union mucho thanks for saving my butt. I have absolutely NEVER been pulled over while driving in my life. Its not like I'm 16 either, I'm 29! So my heart skips a beat now every time I see a CHP officer or patrol car and I will never again attemp to pass someone on HWY 70. I have learned my lesson. my sweet FFP laughed at me, A LOT. But I can't really be bitter considering that he essentially got me out of a ticket. So I laugh with him.

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