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Monday, July 30, 2007

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So in a few months my BIL the Army Ssg. GI Bri will be leaving for his tour in Iraq. Behind will be his wife my Smokin Sista and Princess Nani, Triple T and the Peanut. The peanut will be born in March while (its) daddy is still away. They will have us though. I just wanted all of you to know how proud I am of him and his family. They are making sacrafices that are so hard to ask of families but these families take as part of the job, as their patriotic duty and for the love of our country. Although I have mixed feelings about why we are at war, when and how we will get our soldiers out as quickly as we can with the safest method for them and for our safely Stateside I am not happy that someone so close to me is going. So my hope is that those 10 months that he is gone are safe ones, productive ones and I can't wait to throw him a welcome home party to meet the peanut in person, give Triple T and Princess Nani bunches of love and my sister her patriotic hubby back.

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