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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Don't Freak OUT!

I am OK. I promise. I will not be training this week but here's the story.

So June 1st rolled around and I find myself without child care for my youngest and my oldest still in school for another week. My husband is at work in Vacaville and I wake up just not feeling like myself. My back hurts. I'm tired and grumpy, didn't sleep well at all. My dear friend Jenni says, "I'll take Jackson to play with Ashlin and you go relax." I thank God for her everyday. I crash for about an hour then wake up tossing, turning miserable, back hurting verge of tears and nauseous.

I finally give in and get up take a shower and make it over to Jenni's walking at a slow pace. Good thing she only lives across the street and three doors down. I find myself sitting at her table talking and feeling hot. I probably commented on the heat a few times 'cause that's all I could think about. She asked me if I wanted a glass of water, handed it to me and walked out of the room to change before we went to go pick up our oldest children.


I woke up withmy forhead on her kitchen table. She was asking me if I was OK.... The way she said it made me think it wasn't the first time she had asked me either. I just raised my hand. Apparently I didn't even make the glass to the table, it just slid out of my hand and broke all over the floor. I didn't even hear it. When I felt up to lifting my head off the table I noticed that I had lost my whole breakfast. No more Honeycombs for me. Jenni cleaned up as much glass as she could and took Jack with her to get Wyatt and Abby. Good thing she has a suburban.

I made an ill attempt to clean up by taking all the towels and throwing them into the laundry and re sweeping the floor for glass. Cleaning off the table. As great of a friend as she is I didn't want her to have to clean up my throw up. That's just not fair. Made it back to the couch. My pulse raising and exhausted. When she got back I had DK (Paramedic Supervisor on duty. Good thing I work for an Ambulance company) come check my blood pressure. BP was fine but my pulse was in the 120's. my normal pulse is in the mid 60's. Her advise, "Girl, you need to see a doctor." So I went home, called my dad, took a shower, washed the vomit out of my hair, got dressed, canceled my CPR class and Jenni took my to Prompt Care (where I stupidly asked to go).

Prompt Care took blood tests and did a 12 lead EKG on my with no results. Let me lay on an exam table for over 2hours til I got up and asked for water. No definitive answers and a trip to the ER. Prompt Care is basically useless. I could have passed out again and no one would have known for an hour or two. Remind me next time I'm sick to just go to the hospital.

ER is GREAT. People I know everywhere. I know that they are taking take care of me because I'm sick (but I think they love me because they love Chris. LOL.) Dr. Gill ran blood tests and gave me fluids. I had a low grade fever and could hardly walk but no answer to why I passed out. My blood tests come back clean. No I'm not pregnant. I'd have a lot of explaining to do. He gave me Leviquin (broad spectrum antibiotic) and a trip home on bed rest. I spent the next two days in bed and today is Wednesday and I still don't feel like me yet.

Conclusion: Viral infection that will kick your butt. 3 days in bed and at least a week to feel like you again. I don't recommend it.

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Crazy Mom said...

Oh, ick!!! That sounds just like what I had back in February...not fun. Stay in bed.