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Friday, April 06, 2007

Open Hands and Open Hearts

I have to say that I posted a blog about our fundraiser on my other blog and I have to tell you what a wonderful family I have. I am so thankful that my mom is walking with me and my best friend again this year. I wish my sister was with us too but her kids are still so small and she will be in the process of moving her family to the Seattle area this summer anyway. My Aunt Sandy sent an email out to see if anyone would be interested in a bunco game down there in the bay to help with our fundraising efforts. She got a wonderful response, many from her Red Hat Sisters and other friends and some family too. I have the greatest family. We lost my Aunt's husband this past summer. That was really hard. Uncle James is my Jiminey Cricket. Its his voice that I hear in my head that acts as my inner voice. I have the pin Jiminey Cricket that my Aunt gave me after he passed away pinned on my favorite jacket. These women who helped us this last weekend were the same friends and family that helped my family, especially Aunt Sandy, get through last summer. I am just so proud to be apart of it all and wanted to share with you how generous the people in my life are. I am so BLESSED.

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