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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year
I hope that you all had a happy holiday season, and a healthy one. I have heard about the dreaded Christmas flu that was floating around and I am so thankful that it did not find us.
We had a great Christmas. We had a few surprises this year too. I asked (told) Chris to go to Church with us on Christmas Eve and he came without too much of a fight. Then his parents came too. Not such a surprise for Karen but Dennis and Chris in the same pew was a Christmas present in itself. The boys got a lot of presents... lots of Lego's, board games, coloring books and video games to keep them busy forever. Good thing their birthdays are in the summer because just about everything was meant for "indoor use". Chris got a new job for Christmas... well he got stuff for his new job anyway. I got him a new ipod to take with him and I have already downloaded the audio book "Flags of our Fathers" since he started reading it 3 months ago and is about 1/3 of the way through and it doesn't look like he'll be finishing it anytime soon. Chris is also running again (to be in shape for the academy). My parents got him a huge rolling duffel to take down to Vacaville with him. His parents got us a date (no silly, with each other). Dinner at Johnny's and movie tickets. Chris got me $300 in SpaFinder gift certificates for my girl trip with Kelli. My parents got me a sewing machine. I have no idea how to use it and truthfully I'm a bit scared. Everyone says that its easy... yet they already know how to use one!!! LOL.
This week will be really fun. I'm driving with my friend Tracey to Seattle. She is moving tomorrow and she shouldn't have to drive the entire way by herself since she is half way through her pregnancy. The great thing about the Maurus family moving to the Seattle area is that my sister Sandy and her family will be moving there this summer too. My friend Chris from High School and his wife Jessi + kids will be there this Spring. Its a small world. I'll be flying back on January 2nd Standby. I have no idea what that entails. Live and learn. I'm excited!!! Road trip. So we are looking forward to this year. I'll be spending a lot of time up north. June with Tracey after the baby is born. August for Tylers first birthday. Any other reason to go up!!!
So many new things to discover and explore. I'm making an effort to be excited about it... No New Year Resolutions just getting through it in one piece is enough for me.

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