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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A thought about friendship:

I didn't realize how many different levels of friendship there are until this year. I removed a "toxic" friendship from my repertoire and now have had an explosion of positive friendships both new and old into my life over the last few months. There are friendships like mine with Kelli that started with a "if you take me horseback riding, I'll take you to a party in Chico." Then a 3 hour phone call the day before you left to visit Chrissy in Alaska. We became fast friends. We had a mutual friend, Jennifer and thank her every day for bringing Kelli into my life. That was almost 12 years ago. We were so different then. She was a little wild and I was a little goody-two-shoes, kinda. LOL. (remember "I'm only 104 pounds!" and all night trips to Shasta elementary playground? Remember how tight our asses were when we rode Shiloh and Bo every day?) Well that was then and this is now and we are kindred spirits, parents, wives, soul mates and forever friends. There is rarely a day we go without speaking (actually we rarely go a few hours) even though we live over 100 miles apart. Thursdays we talk every commercial of Gray's Anatomy. I am so thankful for her that I think her as family more than a friend, she is like another sister. If we have to move I am thankful it will be closer to you Kelli.

AHHH, my sister. She has become quite a friend. I spent so much of my young life excluding her and now can't seem to comprehend her being sooooo far away in Kansas, and she has my niece and nephew with her. Its killing me. Sandy is a friend that I would love to had even if I wasn't her sister. She holds part of my heart and can't wait for her to live closer so I can drive up to Washington to see her on a regular basis. I am also thankful that she gave me Kerry (Brandon too) and Kim as friends too. I see them as my adopted little sisters and dear friends also. I do not see Brandon as a sister, well I guess I could but I won't, a brother is fine.

LeAnn, she has had a tough and wonderful few years. She found the love of her life and fought for him. I'm proud of her and although I didn't allow myself to get too close for a long time I wish I had anyway. Don't look back, look forward, always. You can't change the past. Trust and love. She is a beautiful person and friend inside and out. Here is a shout out for you girlfriend!!!!

Jenni Stevens: I have known Jenni since she brought me a berry pie the day I got home from the hospital after having Wyatt 6 years ago and have been friends ever since. It was one of those instant connections and I am thankful I have a friend and a neighbor I can depend on and who can depend on me. She is awesome and I will miss her soooo much if we have to move. Our children have known eachother their whole lives. I'll miss our teas and lunches and scrapbook facination.
Diane Bethany: I miss you and thank you for all the wonderful things you brought to my life. I hope you are well and SD is treating you well. I'm so jealous you are on the Beach!!! Can't wait to see you for a round of "drunk bowling" although you're out of luck if you try to drive home. I will not try to stop you this time.

Tracey: Thank you boys for being the middle man for us. Harrison and Wyatt became fast friends and we love Tracey and Jim. They are really the first friends we had as a couple that we both clicked with both of them. We will miss you but can't wait to see you in Washington.

Jason and Lindz: I love you guys. Jason is my other husband. I am so proud that he took the career path that makes him happy and fulfills him and that he found the love of his life. I couldn't imagine our lives without them. Thank you for letting us share your wedding day withyou, it was perfect. Congratulations to you both.

Jenny Butler and Kristen: you too are such and inspiration. I am proud that you are my friends and thankful you are in my life. You are cool level headed understanding and champions for friendship. MMWWAAHH!!! I love all your boys, all 4 of them :-)

Shannon: how amazing our friendship is. I have come to depend on you for so much. Coffee, venting, sanity and pure good take care of eachother friendship. Thank you for being in my life. The day we met your family has become a benchmark in my life. You are a blessing in the best way.

Jordy and Kate. I wish we had more time to spend together. You are wonderful and I miss you so much when we go such long stretches without seeing eachother. I have let you into my life and would not be the same without you. Your faith and commitment to God had given me a new church family that I love and I will forever be grateful, so will the boys.

Everybody else. This blog could go on forever. I wanted you to know that I love you all. If I didn't mention you its because my boys are getting into trouble and I have to finish up. You are in my heart. That's what is important. I was going to list Chris but I have a whole blog running in my head that I need to put on paper and haven't yet. It is to come. Keep updating and reading and you may even get another shout out (LeAnn).

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