Nook Look

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Diane said...

Love them! Did you take those yourself with a timer, or go to a studio? I keep meaning to tell you I am considering your $60 photo deal. I hated the "professional" photos we had done at Sears last Christmas. Ugh.

The sorta single mom said...

We have a friend who is a pro commercial photographer and sets up a little studio at the Masonic Lodge one weekend a year to take family pix. That's their x-mas $$$. Let me know and I'll take your pix. I just took a good friends this weekend at the tree farm (behind Tile City) and they turned out beautiful with all the colors right now and they will just get more red until the rains come and wash them away.

Jen said...

Hey Tina, awesome pics! The boys are so big, I can't believe I have never met them yet! Hope your halloween was fun, we all dressed up at work, what a laugh, I will post the pics when I get them from my friend Dave.

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