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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pay Phone

Blondy: Why is there a cell phone on the side of the 7-11?
Mommy: Hu?
Hollywood: Duh! It's a cell phone on the side of 7/11!
Mommy: Hollywood, that's rude. That is not a cell phone, it's a pay phone.
Blondy: Oh for old people who don't know how to use cell phones?
Hollywood: Like Grandma and grandpa, right?
Mommy: Actually that's for people who need to call someone. It doesn't matter if you are young or old. If you get stuck somewhere you can put change in there and call me and I'll come get you. That kind of thing.
Hollywood: And the cord is so no one takes it.
Mommy: Actually the cord is what takes your voice into the wires and out to where you are calling. Kinda like a corded phone in a house. That's how we all used to talk to each other.
Blondy and Hollywood: Cord? Wow Mom, you must be really old.
Mommy: Thanks.

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