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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

February Challenge

I am so double dipping. I'm going to post this blog in both places mostly because I know that some come here and some go over to Gotta Grub 'n' Run and I thought it would be nice to have you not trotting through blogesphere for one day to read my goings on.

I'm setting up a February Challenge for Me and for you. Let me know what you think. Even Better? Blog about what you'll be doing this month to make a better You!

I'm not sure if this will be a monthly thing but I thought February would be a good time to set a smaller goal and break down that New Years Resolution into bite size pieces you know? I am also throwing out a February challenge to you so I won't be going at it alone you know...

First things First. Show your love. There are lots of ways I think you could do this. One thing I need to work on is positive reinforcement for the kids, the hubby and myself. We are too hard on each other. Instead of focusing on the things that are wrong at that moment think about speaking up when everything is going well. Congratulate on a 100% spelling test and reward with ice cream or a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. Thank them for using their manners. Cultivate friendships. Have Coffee with a friend you haven't seen in awhile. Don't forget your non-human loves. Rescue a dog from the humane society if you are looking into bringing a pet into your home. Bring home special treat or toy for your cat.
Love the Earth. I'm selling Chico Bags to raise money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. They are pink and brown. So cute! It is so good for the environment to carry your own bags when you are running to the market for something or the farmers market. When you take something from your house to your friends because they are on bed rest, had a baby or just are under the weather? Take the food in a Chico Bag and leave it for them to use again. You are showing your friends and the Earth Love.

Love your heart. It is the Month that women wear Red Dresses to raise awareness for Heart disease. Take care of you. Make a 30 day commitment to eat healthy (maybe less Pizza and more fun foods like stuffed butternut squash! Thanks Vicki!) for you and your family. You will all feel good and maybe the recipes and connection to your own health will become a habit. Exercise. I know most of you who read this do. Some may want to do MORE. set a goal. I had to decide to run a race. I don't particularly like the race part but it motivates me to train so I don't hurt myself or look like a total moron out there.

Love yourself: Tell yourself you are worth it. Take time for YOU, doing something you like even if you have to drag the rest of the family with you on a hike. Take some quiet time for you too. Read a book or an article you have been waiting to read. Read 15 minutes of the Bible every day if you haven't and that interests you. Wow, what a concept that was for me when I had little ones. I felt like all I was doing for 24 hours a day 7 days a week was cooking cleaning and serving nourishment from my TaTa's. I was drained and exhausted and didn't feel like I had anything else to give...but those few minutes a day I found my connection to God more strong then ever. To each their own. I didn't think of doing that til someone brought it to my attention so I'm just putting it out there. Smile when you look in the mirror. I know its hard but don't look for the flaws, look for the things you like, every day and it should get easier (I'm going to work hard on this one, we are all so self critical aren't we?).

This month besides loving someone else, loving my family, my heart, my Faith, myself. My big physical goal this month is to do 10 Kettle bell one legged squats on each leg. Yea I'm a freak and I should have started with 20 push ups or something "normal" but I always wanted to be able to do them so that's what I'm putting on my plate.


Carolina John said...

Great goals, those look very attainable. like the challenge idea too.

LaiLani Ali said...

Wow- what a positive way to approach resolutions! I resolved nothing for 2009, but I can certainly handle little monthly goals that will make a big difference.
Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

P.O.M. said...

Great post. I think I'm going to focus on loving myself this Feb. January has been pertty rough and I tend to be too hard on myself.