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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

11 month Journey

I cannot tell you what this last 11 months have been like... well maybe I can, just read this blog! lol. I struggled to come in at an 11 minute mile that day 11 months ago. I thought that a marathon must be beyond me. I was looking at a week at a time, not 11 months down the road. Today I'm a marathoner. Today I'm setting new goals and new adventures in my head. Today I'm still living in that Marathon High and I can't believe it.

Those wonderful coaches and runners got together last night down at Woodstocks pizza and had our final "meeting" of sorts. It was really hard to think that this group wouldn't be running together every Tuesday night and Sunday morning. We would all be going our seperate ways, hoping to see eachother on the paths, at other races, perhaps even in other programs, soon. But we had a good time and Paul and Alan did something special for all of us to celebrate our achievment. What great coaches... almost all of us had sugnificant PR's or did better than our goals (for those of us running a marathon for the first time). That is a testiment to them and their dedication to all of us. This running family we have become is one of the many reasons I run.


Carolina John said...

wassup! 4:26? fantastic! good job. My goal is to break 5 hours for my first mary in february. You did it though! way to go.

Sarah Bowen Shea said...
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Diane said...

Congratulations on your marathoner status and your under 5 hour time! :)

I bet you are so, so tired. I'd wanna go to bed for a week and not get up...

Diane :)