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Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a week

I've been sick and sort of down this week. Headache, not enough running, not enough eating RIGHT. The kids are being great and the hubby has been super about helping out since I've been feeling like a ton of bricks but I still feel like I'm dropping the ball. It hurts to reach from the inside of the washer to drop the clothes inside the dryer. It hurts to run down the hall when the kids are fighting or to answer the door or the phone. My head feels like its being blown up from the inside like the opposite of a slow leak in a balloon... it just gets a little bigger every few hours until when... it finally bursts? My back aches and this nagging leg thing worries me.

Mentally actually I'm ready for this race. The kids are excited even the hubby is even though its probably eating into his duck hunting escapades. I am giving him ALL of December to hunt to his hearts desire and I haven't had the time to tell him that January starts a whole new half marathon program. This is MY life long hobby... well and of course photography.

Let me tell you a little big about whats going on in Hollywood's life. He has been Rocking in his Guitar class. His instructor is amazed how fast he is picking up on everything. I'm amazed. I wish anything came that naturally to me. He has also taken up playing Chess at school with Mr. Obi's chess club. They had their fist tournament last week and he one his first game but lost his second. That's OK though. I'm so proud of him. He's reading books about chess and how to strategizeand look ahead steps. He wants to teach me but really what I like learning about his the history of it more than the game itself. Sorry Bud you'll have to play with Daddy or Grandpa.

Blondy has no interest in anything formal right now. I think I'll look into soccer for him since he goes back and forth on that but its the only thing he has even said on his own he might try. He still draws wonderfully and is a wonderful story teller. His headaches have become far fewer since we've eliminated may of the foods that seem to be triggers. Just can't take away the chocolate though. If you ask him his favorite food guess what he'll say?

The FFP has been working mostly on the ambulance but has had a rotation out at his old station for the set so he can get some engine time. I'm happy for him. He needed a bit of a break since he's not trained on that truck yet.

My parents are headed up to see my sis for Thanksgiving and FFP's parents are taking G'ma Margie to Monterey for the holiday to get out of town. This will be a hard year without G'pa Derril. I'm trying to decide if I should buy one of those meals you just pick up at Marie Calenders or Safeway or if we should just wait and cook on Friday when the hubby is home even though he'll get to eat at the station on Thanksgiving. It would be nice to all be together though.

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lailani said...

It's so cool to see kids learning- guitar, chess, whatever. They're so quick and it seems to take us twice as long since we're soooo... mature.

I hope you feel better soon!