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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting back to normal

Hollywood is feeling more like himself every day. He still has a scratchy throat but his energy level is up and he's eating like a horse again by the afternoon (still not so much in the morning but I'm ok with that). The Hubby left today with his brother and dad to go on a MAN TRIP. They were off to Cold Colorado for some Elk and Deer hunting adventures. They will be gone a week and a half. I will SO be ready for them to come home by like ... day after tomorrow or so. LOL.

I didn't get a run in today because I went to the store and got cleaning supplies and scrubbed the bathrooms top to bottom. I guess I could go and squeeze out a 3 mile run if I go right now...


Diane said...

I spent all day yesterday I totally understand. Glad to hear the little one is doing better! :)

Where in CO does hubby go? Montrose/Telluride area? I only ask cuz when I lived in Montrose I worked at the airport and always saw lots of men come through with ice chests and HUGE metal containers full of their kill. :)

Have fun being a single mom. Ha, yeah right. We're here for ya when you need to vent!

P.O.M. said...

That Captain is on a man-trip this week too. I'm enjoying my girl time - eating healthy, workouts, girls dinners. But missin' him for sure.