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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

6 and counting

Blondy and M. at our favorite Starbucks.... we're so sad she's moving away :(

What a year this has been. Blondy has lost two teeth. Survived 9/10th of his Kindergarten year so far and undergone tests galore for his migraines. He has grown so much, inside and out. He is the most generous little boy with hugs and love and kisses still and I will be so sad when that slows or stops.

His sixth birthday was a lot of fun (well the beginning and the end anyway. I woke up and fed the boys pancakes (which I burnt the first set of), took them to school by bike. Blondy and I took a bike ride with a stop by our local Starbucks for a "vanilla milk" and our favorite bartista M. was there. She made the whole store sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to him including the customers. He pretended to be embarrassed but he totally loved it. Blondy wants to go to Chili's for dinner and M. works there too. She said she'd see us tonight.

We took the bike path home making a big loop around this side of town. What a nice day. FFP came home and we were walking out the door to take Blondy and his cupcakes to school and I dropped them. All 18 vanilla frosted cupcakes all over my carpet. I sent the boys off and I frosted the last 18 I had in the freezer and steam cleaned the carpet while they were gone.

FFP had accidentally washed his phone the night before while he was at work after a fire. bummer. So he spent most of the afternoon getting a new one. It sounded like a great time. I'm glad I wasn't with him!

He came home and we took the new set of cupcakes to school then headed off to Paradise for Drew's birthday party. He turned 5 the same day Jack turned 6. They had a pirate party including a treasure map that led to buried treasure. It was hot.... really really hot. Jackson got so hot in fact that his headache turned to a migraine and when he gave me that sad "mommy I don't feel good" look I rushed him outside knowing that he was going to be sick. And he did. In their planter box in the front yard. (sorry Darren). Luckily he only had water. He slept all the way home and for about an hour afterward. He didn't even care that there was presents for him in the living room.

When he awoke he looked over his presents. I'm not sure why we bough him a bike. All he cared about was the Darth Vader Helmet that is a voice changer. He has been walking around saying, "Join the Dark Side" and breathing heavy for the last 4 days. LOL. He also got the original Star Wars trilogy and some books, a new helmet and a Webkinz from his brother and Gma and Gpa Riggins got him Darth Vader's light saber. Another hit. Annie, Uncle Bri and his cousins got him PJ's and a bridge for his train set. My living room has been taken over by Star Wars and GeoTrax.

We went to Chili's for dinner but the wait was an hour. We went in to talk to M. at the bar and then outside to wait for the family, Annie, the cousins, Gma and Gpa Riggins were coming since Annie, the cousins and Gpa were headed up to Washington on Sunday morning. We were trying to decide if we should go or stay when the hostess came out to say that we could be seated shortly. M. worked her magic and got us seating. Its good to have friends in high places. LOL. We ate yummy food and treated them to a nice dinner. The staff including M. sang to Blondy, he was beaming. Overall it was a nice day. Blondy got what he wanted and had a nice birthday.

Saturday we went to Paradise to help Sista(Annie) packed so she could go home. Ssg GI Bri will be coming home from Iraq soon and they had to get up to Washington and get the house set up before he comes in. I'm so sad. I've had almost a year to spoil and love my niece and nephews. I can't believe they are so far away again. Anyhow after Hollywood's many blowups and meltdowns it was time to say goodbye and go home. They were essentially packed and ready to go. Gpa Riggins loaded the truck to the hilt and the van was jam packed with stuff. They left the dogs in Pds since they don't have a cyclone fence yet. They will be back in July and will take them home then... I think. LOL

Sunday we had a swim party for Blondy out at Gma and Gpa Mickelsons house. We invited Good Neighbor and her kids and David from down the street. Uncle B and Aunt R came. We ate watermelon and strawberries and pineapple. Blondy didn't want cake he wanted pie for his birthday so we sang to him with six candles in a berry pie. He wanted sherbert too. He is a boy after my own heart. He got a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble, Star Wars toys, clothes, a squirt gun and two more webkinz, a golden retriever and a beagle. So cute. Overall he had a great weekend and although it was bittersweet with Sista and the kids gone, we can't wait to see them in July, and are looking forward to our vacation to the Seattle area in August.

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