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Saturday, March 01, 2008

half marathon

Bidwell Classic 2008 #312

What a great day! I wish you had all been out for the perfect weather. It was a little warm for the long sleeves I was wearing but I wanted to show my team support, FLEET FEET 1/2 marathon team. I wore my waist pack so I could keep my GU packets and Cliff Shots handy along with diluted Propel to water 1 to 3. I did really good my first 4.5 miles or so when I was running at 9.5minutes per mile but I went out too fast. I should have started at 10 minutes per mile and sped up when I was feeling good. Good to know now.

I lied when I said I just wanted to finish the race. I had goals that I didn't want to say out loud. I still crossed the line under my "in my head achievable" goal of 2 hours 20 minutes. My "That would be awesome" goal was 2:09 and I really tried to reach that. We will get the official times next week but I'm pretty sure its about 2 hours 12 minutes 13 seconds. That is just over 10 minute mile. Of course I walked a bit between mile 10 and 11 because my cough was driving me crazy and I didn't feel like I could get enough air. The GU slowed me down too. I can't eat it and run at the same time so I slowed to a very slow jog just to take it. I think for my next race I'll use the cliff bars. They seemed more manageable.

I am motivated to another one though. I'll have to find one between now and the CIM. My BFF wants to do the Vallejo one but timing wise its hard. I'm thinking about the Four Bridges in Folsom but there hills and I know I'll have to change my goals some. Maybe the Cowtown one in Sacramento would be better. We will see.

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