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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Gene Pool,what a headache....

Poor Blondie, he has headaches, migraines really, just like his mama and Annie (my super sista). they are so debilitating that sometimes he throws up from the pain or feels like he will pass out. That is not good. We have made an attempt to change his eating habits to see if it is an allergy or sensitivity. That is super hard because right now all he WILL eat is PB&Js, those Costco Dino Nuggets, waffles, frosted flakes, oatmeal and apples with PB on them, oh and candy of any sort. I put dinner on his plate tonight, really yummy chicken sauted in a pan with onions, red bell peppers and yellow onion and a little olive oil and a grilled cheese with ham in it (gotta sneak protien in where I can) and he only took his required two "No Thank You" bites. He's going to bed hungry because I am tired of being a short order cook.
So FFP and I modified his diet to see if it affected the headaches and all it did was drive us up the wall because Blondie ate almost NOTHING for those few months we took out PB and removed most sugar from his diet. We reincorperated PB but still put tight restrictions on his sugar intake at birthday parties or family events and the like.
Dr. T, the boys pediatrition was also FFP and my Ped when we were kids. I trust him and he doesn't give out referals for anyone. He likes to take care of his own kids, keep 'em "in house" so to speak, if he can. When I told him that Blondy, now 5 years old, has still been having regular headaches and occational but more frequent migraines that are effecting his school work and time along with the fact that he has night time wetting problems that started after he was potty trained he decided this was beyond him. He is setting me up with a Dr. at Sutter in Sac and getting Blondie and MRI to boot. Thats kind of scary. FFP thinks its drastic. FFP has NEVER had a migraine or seen Blondy with a migraine when he throws up all over me. FFP feels the financial repurcusions of taking our child in for BIG tests and specialists. I understand and I also understand how Blondy feels. I've been there. I've lost 6lbs in two days from dehydration from throwing up every time I salivated or got water near my mounth, much less food. I understand how it feels when someone is whispering and it feels like jackhammers going off in your head. I understand him when he says, before the headache even starts, that he feels like he has a fever and he breaks out in a sweat and feels light headed and he can't stand the sun in his eyes, even when we are in a darkened room. Oh blondy how I understand. I feel for you. Daddy understands too but just in a different way. I hope to God it is only migraines and it can be easily taken care of. I'm sorry my gene pool sucks, I'm sure Annie is sorry too since she knows how it feels to be 5 and have them. I just want you to be a healthy little boy. I will pray for that a lot in the next few weeks.

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