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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Make me Happy

Many many moons ago my husband and I talked about how many children we wanted. He was very ademant about wanting just two children. I said fine, he knows I wanted three but told him if he wanted to stop he had to go get the "snip, snip" himself. Well after blondy came along he went in and had the good old snip snip done. No more babies. bummer

fast forward 5 years. I see little girls everywhere , duh. LOL. So I look around the cafeteria at school where we drop Blondy off for kindergarten and there are cute little girls running around with big smiles and cute clothes but they are so fun and giggly and Innocent. I look at hubby with big puppy dog eyes.

"Honey, isn't she cute?" batting my eyes

He sticks his hands in his pockets and gives me the don't go a step further look. "yea, she's cute."

"I love little girls. Honey I want a little girl." batting my eyes.

"umm hummm."

I look at him with those big brown eyes and say ... drum roll please! "Don't you want me to be Happy?" cahh ching.

I hear the deflation from his chest. "Yes but you are not getting another baby."

In comes Jackson's teacher. "You guys are so cute. You should have more kids."

I relay before told story. She says, "then adopt".

FFP says I have only denied you two things.

I look at him and say, "a girl and a dog".

Did I tell you about the dog I want. If you want me to be happy.......


Mich said...

thanks for visiting and sharing your ER story--I'm glad that we're not the only ones who've gone into the ER with one injury and left with another! I didn't see that mentioned in any of the parenting books I've picked up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,jsut thought i would leave you a quick note. Never say never. I NEVER thought i would be going to Europe and here I am leaving in Dec. for 3 + weeks, amsterdam included. You never know what tomorrow may bring so reach out for the brass ring.
Love Aunt Sandy