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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tidbits about ME

Tidbits about ME. Apparently the not so sorta single mom.

So the hubby still takes offence to the whole Sorta Single Mom thing. Although at the time I started this blog I did feel very much alone in my parenting situation much of that has changed with his new job. He is home A LOT more and therefore much more hands on. I thought well if "Sorta Single Mom" doesn't fit me anymore what does? I'll give you some background and maybe you could give me some opinions about names that might fit me.

1. I am a mommy (duhh) of two charming and high maintenance children of the male species.

2. I am a wife (duhh again) of a very generous soul who takes wonderful care of me. and sometimes he drives me nuts, OK truthfully he drives me bonkers on a regular basis but its starting to feel normal.

3. I am a photographer by part time trade and hobby... more of a passion I occasionally get paid for.

4. I LOVE to read. I will read anything. I have been known to throw a *terrible waste of time* book across the room when I am done but always finish the book. I don't get to read (what I want) nearly as much as I did before I had the munchkins but I have been called a nerd even lately and that suits me just fine.

5. I still look 14 years old. I still get zits.

6. There are very few pictures of me because of #5. I prefer to be behind the camera.

7. I am an advocate for finding a cure for Breast Cancer. My mother in law is a almost 4 year BC survivor.

8. I am a 14 year survivor of malignant melanoma (found out the week of my 15th birthday).

9. I feel that I am in a perpetual time warp that caused me to stop aging but continue changing since the above situation.

10. I have a sister, a best friend (and a few great girl friends) , a grandma, a mom and an aunt who are a great female support system because boys don't always understand (and there is a lot of BOY in my house).

11. I have walked in three Avon Walk for Breast Cancer walks in SF. 26 miles in 2004, 26 miles in 2006 and almost 40 miles in 2007. I've raised about $6000 to find a cure for BC or any cancer for that matter.

12. I also participated in our local American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in 2005 as team captain and a local Avon Mini Walk for Breast Cancer this past June. From these two walks I logged another 20 miles or more.

13. I love peppermint ice cream and hubby thinks its gross.

14. I have "Dirty Dancing" memorized, really. The true original Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey DD. No not "Dirty Dancing Havanah Nights" I saw the latter and didn't really get it. I am a bit biased though. I've been known to watch the original up to 4 times in one day...

15. FFP wouldn't let us walk back down the isle to "I've had the time of my Life" after the wedding but can't tell me why. I know why, he thought it was lame, but still.

16. I met FFP when I was 16 and he thought I was jail bait.

17. I told my friend I was going to marry that boy on our way home that night.

18. That was February 3rd, 1995.

14. He proposed to me December 19th, 1998. I was 19 he was 21.

15. I look back now and think we were too young if you just looked at our ages.

16. We got married June12th, 1999. I was 21 he was 22. We celebrated his 23rd birthday while on our honeymoon in Hawaii by taking a helicopter ride up the side of Maui. I loved it and hated it all at the same time.

17. I hate heights. I try not to stand on chairs.

18. My BFF and I became real friends the week I met my FFP.

19. My BFF and FFP haven't gotten along in well about 12 years. LOL and that is OK with them both and with me.

20. I was married for just 5 short months when we found out that Hollywood was coming to be a part of our family. SURPRISE!

22. I had a miscarriage between Hollywood and the Blondy.

23. I am addicted to blogging. (Duhhh)

24. Blondy was planned.

25. I really like my BIL's fiance.

26. I LOVE Mexican food. I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

27. I love breakfast food and I could eat it for Breakfast lunch and dinner.

28. I have a wheat allergy. I do not have celiac disease.

29. I was born without a working thyroid. It is now wreaking havoc on my body.

30. I hated Hollywood's Kindergarten experience and I am scared for Blondy starting Kindergarten this week even though he's with a whole different teacher at a whole different school.

31. I am not as creative as I thought I was growing up. Or maybe life got in the way of my creativity.

32. I still LOVE to take pictures. Taking pictures of things is easy for me, taking pictures of people is where I am challenged but get the most satisfaction from.

33. I am a flake. I admit it. I hope that this change in medicines helps me with that since my memory really SUCKS right now.

34. I am far more interested in my FFP's hobbies than he is in mine. I actually am interested in hunting (not so much fishing), archery and shooting guns.

35. I can shoot a gun. and I can hit what I am aiming at. Don't test me.

36. I have an Aussie x dog who is 11 years old. I love him and my son Blondy stole him from me.

37. I taught him, sit, stay, lay, heal and roll over the weekend I brought him home. my dog, not my son. House training a dog is much easier than pottytraining a little boy. Bug-a-boo never got used to a leash because he followed me all over my parents property before I so rudely moved him to a contained yard 30 minutes away.

38. He has seizures and anxiety attacks (the dog again) from separation anxiety. He used to sleep in my car so I wouldn't leave him when I went to work.

39. If you are still reading I am amazed. I am pretty boring.

36. I was a nerd in High School. I was VP of the Business Club my Frosh year of High School. I ran varsity Track and Field and got my letter that year.

37. I was Sports Editor for the School news paper my Sophomore year and one of the only Soph. in Advanced Drama but I barely passed Biology because I screwed off to much and actually had to take it again Junior year because I got a D first semester even though I got a B second semester. I really loved biology though. One of my favorite subjects.

38. I used to write poetry, a lot. Most of it upbeat but some of it during those depressing months after leaving my old school or when a boy dumped me were tear riddled poems.

39. I liked dancing with my ex boyfriend more than dating him. I may think that way now but I can't really remember how I felt back then since I have blocked him from my memory.

40. I don't like boats. I don't like fishing. Sorry Dad. I love the memory of my dad taking me fishing.

41. I loved spending time with my big cousins Allen and James and my Aunt Sandy and Uncle James. All for different but very important reasons that shaped my life and who I am today.

42. My uncle James left this world almost a year ago and I still miss him terribly. He IS my Jiminy Cricket. His voice guides me, always has always will.

43. I love the sound of the Saxophone because I loved to listen to 'lil James play. He was always there for me.

44. I love that Allen had patience for me. Tried to teach me how to catch a baseball, tried to teach me how to play basketball, let me tag along while he went crawdad fishing, made me dig holes and tunnels for his GI Joe's but was always there for me too.

45. I've learned so much from my Aunt Sandy. Most of all she is stronger than she thinks, I know she thinks she's strong but she is more like incredible. She is human and she is sad but she has always been generous with her laughter, her love and her willingness to be a part of something big and meaningful. I am proud that I have learned so much from her. This said I am worried about her.

46. I dream in color and in Black and White.

47. I have that awful dream that I'm falling off a step into oblivion all the time.

48. I used to dream that I was rescued from a burning building when I was little. I wonder if that was a premonition that I would be married to a FireFighter.

49. I used to have a horse named Shiloh. He was a brown and white Paint Quarter pony.

50. Are you tired of me yet. OK so here is the first 50 I'm sure I'll give you more later.

So If you guys give me ideas for a new Blog name I will post a few in a survey and pick the one you guys vote for most. Sound good?

if you do not have a blog you can email me with your opinion and I'll post it here. We will have a "Farewell Sorta Single Mom" party and a Welcome "my new blog name" party to celebrate.


meagan said...

Tina, hope you don't mind I saw the link from your myspace account!

I'll have you know, I did read all 50 facts...brought back a lot of memories. So weird that we've known each other for so long. I saw your boys at the baby shower, they are so big, and what handsome little men they are!

I enjoy your writing, keep it up!

Nikki said...

Ok I read all the way through as well. Here is my blog name... Mom in Focus I wanted to link together the pciture taking part of your life with the mom part. If you hate it, that's ok, this was off the the top of my head. If you're going for something dark, just change to Mom out of Focus. There, my $.02 is in!