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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Larry is a walker who put together a great representation of how it feels to walk in the AWBC for the first time. If you don't know, we chose to either walk 13 miles or 26 miles the first day and 13 miles the second day. That is 26 or 39 miles. It hurts, its scary and it is sooooo worth it. This is our reward for raising millions of dollars to save women and men from this disease. Here it is. It is wonderful and life altering and SOOOOOOOOOO absolutely worth the tent, the blisters, the backpack or fanny pack that is overfilled with nothing that you really need, the cold, rain, heat, sun, food that is either great or just edible, the tents that wind blows through and leaks, and the semi trucks that we shouwer in. If you walk you will see.

What if....
For those of you about to walk for the first time, I thought this might help address those last lingering questions:
“I am SOOOO nervous” – Yes, you are. So what?
“What if I can’t walk all the way?’ – Who cares? No one is keeping track but you.
“What if I get a blister?” – So?
“What if I packed too much?” – You did.
“What if I didn’t pack something?” – You’ll live.
“What if it rains?” – You’ll get wet; you won’t drown.
"What if is it cold?" - You won't freeze to death.
“What if it is hot?” – You’ll sweat.
“What if I don’t like the food?” – You’ll be walking past approximately 472 supermarkets and convenience stores; you’ll manage.
“What if I don’t like the porta-potties?” – No one likes the porta-potties. You’ll survive.
“What if I don’t like the showers?” – So don’t shower. Though you might want to check with your tent mate first.
“What if I can’t sleep in a tent?” – You’ll be tired; you’ll sleep.
“What if…?”
Enough already with the “What if’s?” You’ll do fine. Relax and enjoy the experience. Because of the money you’ve raised, money is going to go towards early detection programs. In a few months, a woman is going to take advantage of one of those programs, and she’s going to find out she has breast cancer. But because of you, she will have found out early enough to get treatment, and to survive. She’s going to get to watch her kids grow up, and to be there at their concerts and their games. She’s going to go to their graduations and to their weddings. She’s going to get to see her grandchildren. And her kids will never have to face growing up without her. All because of you. And while she will never know it, you will know it. Any more questions? No? Enjoy the walk. You've earned it.
larry 2006 DC, Boston and Philly crew 2007 DC, ? and ? crew

I am proud to be a part of this family. We lean on eachother, listen, bounce ideas off eachother, cry and pray for eachother. We give long distance pats on the back and cheers, especially hugs though. Have a peak, you can't leave a message but you can poke around and get a better idea of our community and our strength.

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